Is It Easy to Meet the Person of my Dreams?

    Unfortunately not, just like in real life. In most cases it comes down to perseverance and luck. The Internet, however, does give you the benefit of a huge group of potential single people to choose from and few of the usual social barriers, so your chances of meeting the right person are greatly improved.
Sure there are many people who have fallen in love with and married the first person that they have met via the Internet, so it does happen for some people, but almost certainly will prove a bit harder for the majority of people. Just as in real life, you meet various people, have fun, and have the odd heartbreak along the way before (hopefully) meeting your soul mate. In fact, technically the Internet vastly improves your chances of meeting and falling in love with the first person you meet; such is the power of the information available to you via the Internet. There are no guarantees, except for one; if you don’t give it a try you won’t succeed.
For the more introverted people out there, the Internet is a godsend. It’s not uncommon to date ten times as many people from the Internet as you have met in normal social settings, and turn down even more than that.

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