Scam and problems in online dating


Swindle in a network the Internet, as well as swindle in a real life actually takes place to be, and people reasonable, should observe measures of care, both there, and here. How actually to be protected from scammers and to not get in a difficult situation? How to distinguish the swindler on a site of acquaintances, under smartly invented mask? As to the most, defenceless girl to not get in lists scammers, in bases of swindlers of a network. Having got on a site of acquaintances, and having begun flirtation with the foreigner, operate extremely cautiously, listen to its stories much, and try, as small as possible to tell about itself. It сослужит in the further good service.
If fortunately to you has got worthy the man all will be smoothly and coherently if stories will be confused, to not coincide phones, dates it is necessary to concern to it circumspection. Very often our girls, at acquaintance to foreigners do very precipitate step, checking man's generosity. Perfectly understanding, that at the beginning, it should depend in the financial plan on the man, it asks it some dollars ostensibly on payment of the provider. Also does not pass in turn the test of the man. The matter is that at them the woman consisted in what or attitudes with the man, can to seize under the certain circumstances 50 – 70 % of its property, therefore foreigners very painfully concern to the finance though actually can be quite kind and generous.
The most unpleasant aspect of the given check is that the girl can get in base scammers, and to it access on more or less decent western site will be already closed. Be guarded, if your interlocutor all time declines you to dialogue on a mail, or still what or way passing a site. A payment of men for stay there cleanly symbolical, and for women and at all free-of-charge. In private conversation it is much easier to deceive, rather than on a site where all around constantly repeat swindlers. Be guarded, if it constantly tells, that its former wife was the stinker, for all failures blames relatives, the chief, coincidence of circumstances. Be guarded, if it can communicate only in working hours, and never appears in target and holidays. Be guarded, if it at once suggests to make to you the visa and to pay road to it. Sudden fits of anger, and then tender words, also should guard you. Carry out elementary precautions, be vigilant at the beginning, and swindlers cannot deceive you. There is a weight of histories, as with the happy end, and simply fascinating thrillers. There is such, that a girl, having arrived to the beloved, the fault has sunk in an armful of colors, and weakened by a glass another, next morning has come to be connected under a ceiling. And the future суженый whipped плеткой in soft places. There were the trips full of iridescent hopes, but having arrived, the girl got simply in slavery, and has managed from it to get out only later long enough time, having fulfilled the laundress and the dishwasher. There were also carefree days on chaise lounges of Chyprus, smart hotels, gifts and fantastic evenings, but then суженый disappeared completely, leaving huge accounts with several zero. In a life, in acquaintances, both real, and virtual there is everyone. Happens bad, happens also good. And as it would be desirable to trust, that girls will find the success, will find the fairy tale with the happy end on the far overseas grounds.

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SCAM ALERT! Although we take every step to ensure validity of every girl on this site, some girls might have indecent intentions. Do NOT send money to girls. Report suspicious requests to Support.
IMPORTANT: beware of scammers! On ANY dating site some women may try to extract money from men. Here are some of the stories they might employ:

- they need money for obtaining travel documents, or
- to cover the airfare, or
- to pay off some debt, or
- to travel to another city to get the visa, or
- for compensating a damage they accidentally inflicted to someone else's property while traveling trying to get to you,
- her disabled mother needs nursing care while she comes to visit you,
Those stories - are signatures of scammers. Send NO money. Scammers can get quite inventive and manipulative. Stay alert and use common sense - and you will not be scammed. If you receive any suspicious requests - please report them to Support, so that we could investigate and take scammers offline.

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